About us

36 Ontario Rd. in Mitchell wasn’t always this way.

The Rose & Crown (as those in the know know) was in its day a cinema, a service station, and a livery stable, as our walls prove.

Now with that kind of relaxed history deep in the beams and floors of our pub, is it any wonder that its latest incarnation is a pretty loose place too?

We pride ourselves on being the real deal but we’re also mindful that we’re living and working (and relaxing) in a little bit of Mitchell history.


Relax. You’re at Phil’s place now

Our mission here at The Rose & Crown is that every guest leaves with good things to say about us. Here you’re our guest. It’s tough world some days. Things change, people change, stuff gets in the way. At the Rose, you can count on us for great value, great service and that ‘something special’ extra that’ll bring you back: we love what we do.

Public houses traditionally are vital community crossroads: the “local” is a big part of small town life for all kinds of reasons, not least of which is location – it’s part of the walk home, the place where you can have a think and drink and a word or two with friends or even crack a problem or shape a deal. At The Rose & Crown, we believe that solid pub fare is the foundation on which everything else is built.

We’re hoping when you eat with us, you’ll not only enjoy our cooking but slow things down, take the edge off, and spend a little time with us because it’s a place you want to be.

What people say is important in the restaurant business, so we want to hear from you, not least because we want the news from Rose & Crown World Headquarters to include you. We’re keen to have you share your special event (like birthdays or anniversaries or promotions and graduations) with us and our network online.

It’s all about community.

The best stuff happens spontaneously and the most memorable when you least expect it.

So the next time you’re surfing the net, take a peek at our Facebook and Pinterest pages, hit us with a Like or two, and post a photo if you’re so inclined.

At The Rose & Crown, we believe that solid pub fare is the foundation on which everything else is built. Eat in or take out.
Phone: (519) 348-9838
Mitchell, Ontario N0K1N0
36 Ontario Rd.